Premium Seeds for Customers

The medium-sized plant breeding companies co-operating in German Seed Alliance are experts for the different crops and plant varieties. Their breeding efforts result in the creation of a new plant variety, the genetics of which needs to be maintained to make sure that in 15 or 20 years from now, the farmer will still profit from the same properties that characterize this plant variety. The plant breeding company is responsible for carrying out this maintenance breeding.

Each year, seeds obtained from this maintenance breeding will be multiplied, until a sufficient amount is available for marketing to the customer. This process requires a very specific knowledge and proficiency in genetics, environment, crop husbandry, seed processing and seed storage.

It is through this seed production process that the genetic potential of a plant variety is made available to many farmers. This is why not only the plant breeding but also the production need to be optimized to best benefit the customer.

The GSA partners have pooled and enhanced their know-how in seed production for the benefit of their farming customers abroad. Decentralised seed production sites have been set up in many markets, together with quality assurance schemes to ensure that all customers will purchase seeds that conform to the high German quality standards.

Based on the relevant legislation, seed quality will also be certified by public authorities before seeds can be placed on the market. A considerable portion of the seeds sold by GSA in Russia, for example, is already being produced locally.