Sales Partners

Reliable Partner – Visionary Goals

The medium-sized companies that joined to co-operate via German Seed Alliance (GSA) successfully mobilize the know-how and tradition of their companies for visionary goals. Their mode of operating has always been characterized by long-term strategies and sustainability.

The breeders are working even today at solutions the customers may request only in one or two decades. This is due to the fact that the development of new plant varieties or plant varieties with enhanced features takes more than ten years of development from the crossing to the market.

The seeds, counselling and services are provided by the sales partners of the shareholders, each of which is specialised on their respective crops. As partners of GSA, they are the ones who offer the premium seeds and thus bring the breeding progress to agriculture.

The German Seed Alliance is working in close co-operation with:

The German Seed Alliance distributes plant varieties and seeds of all its partners. GSA’s name serves as umbrella trademark, in particular in Russia, but increasingly also in other markets. The customer can buy seeds for the entire cropping sequence all from one supplier. Competent service and individual counselling are blended with the know-how of the GSA partners.

The German Seed Alliance supplies plant varieties and seeds that comply with German quality standards to its customers.