German Quality Seeds – Adapted to Regional Markets

The German Seed Alliance (GSA) offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge plant varieties specifically suited to the respective target region, mostly in Russia, but also in other countries. The high-quality seeds of the well-known trademarks DSV, RAPOOL and SAATEN-UNION have been combined to form a one-stop shop that enables the farmers to optimize their entire cropping sequence.

GSA also believes that in African countries, up-to-date plant breeding has the potential to bring about enormous progress. The goal must be to leverage the great yield potential that many of these countries have, so as to reduce hunger and poverty in particular in the rural areas.

New plant varieties and premium seeds are likely to bring considerable progress. The plant varieties of German Seed Alliance as compared to conventional seeds hold the promise of multiplying yields and enhancing the quality. This is the goal of GSA’s current activities main­ly in Eastern Africa. Eastern African countries suffer from a scarcity in suitable seeds and plants for planting. There are next to no breeding companies or seed traders, nor do they have the necessary know-how and technical facilities.

It is true that plant varieties and seeds supplied by German Seed Alliance alone will not be sufficient to solve all problems, but they will be a major contribution to finding a solution. Our projects are always transparent and can serve as pilot projects or “best practice” for the development of other regions. Here again, the principle is: Breeding and selection in Africa for Africa, combined with the development of professional seed production.

In other markets except Russia, plant varieties and seeds can be bought directly from the sales partners. The partners will provide technical counselling and customer-oriented service directly to the farmers.