Fascination of Plant Breeding

Plant breeding offers a variety of job opportunities. A career in plant breeding is usually interdisciplinary, involves diverse activities and is challenging.

The staff of the breeding companies usually have a qualification in the fields of agriculture, natural sciences, commercial or accountancy or engineering, be it a professional qualification or academic studies at graduate or post-doc level.

Anybody interested in a career in the plant breeding industry might find the information useful that is provided at colleges and univer­sities, but also at professional schools and training courses. This will help get an early insight into this type of activities, even before finishing your studies.

Plant breeding is an international business. The German Seed Alliance, its shareholders and partners offer job opportunities in many countries – mainly in Europe and Eastern Europe.

Even if we do not currently have vacancies, we would like to get to know you. We are always looking for qualified applicants who are interested in working for the German Seed Alliance. Therefore, we will be delighted to receive your unsolicited application.

Please send your informative application documents to: