Planning beyond Vegetation Periods

For plant breeders, the logistics involve much more than well-orga­nised order dispatch and freight forwarding. The seed industry is confronted with various special challenges.

Seed production is a seasonal business. The expected demand in seeds, the resulting need in seed multiplication and the respective required amounts of basic seed must be planned and coordinated a long time ahead. In the case of fall sown varieties, the short period between harvest and sowing does not only demand for high produc­tion and seed treatment capacities, but also for high-throughput logistics and distribution facilities.

Moreover, seeds require specific transport conditions. They are also subject to stringent formalities. Long-distance transports, as e.g. in Russia, must be carefully planned ahead, in close co-ordination with the customer. This is particularly true when specific import restrictions apply. Plant potatoes, for example, have to comply with particular phytosanitary conditions. Here, close co-operation between German and Russian authorities is imperative.