Our Team

Planning Motivation

Our team understands plant breeding as a fascinating activity that implies a high degree of social responsibility. On the one hand, most recent findings of plant research and life sciences will be directly put to use in the breeding process, and on the other hand, plant breeding pursues sustainable objectives. Breeding progress must be brought to the field, or else agriculture will not be able to meet the global challenges.

The group of shareholder companies, sales partners and German Seed Alliance forms an efficient network of highly motivated experts. Their activities include research, plant breeding, seed multiplication and seed processing as well as sales. Across the entire network, more than 1,500 members of staff are committed to realizing the breeding progress to the benefit of agriculture, processing industries and end consumers. German Seed Alliance itself employs some 50 members of staff at different sites.

Our medium-sized family-owned companies know that the contribu­tions of their employees are crucial, they put great stake on the high level of responsibility and commitment of their work. The company and their staff are mutually committed to each other.

Plant breeding is an activity that involves a high degree of responsi­bility. The tasks require high ethical standards, and the work of a plant breeder plays an important role in supplying food for the world. The medium-sized structures ensure transparent processes and scope for influence, which is the basis for a meaningful job in a dynamic an innovative environment.